We are Regula Ltd,  locating in Minsk, Belarus.
We are the leaders in development production of instruments for investigating the authenticity of banknotes, documents, security papers and in relative software, etc. 

If the nurse works a specific shift, she has the choice to work extra shifts or rotate shifts with other nurses who work the same shifts. With this kind of job, it is important for the nurse to have excellent communication skills so that she can anticipate her supervisors' needs. If you are seeking for one of the best nursing jobs, flexibility can be found in any type of position. The challenge for many nurses is to adapt to varying staffing requirements without losing their commitment and focus.

One of the best nursing most flexible nursing jobs jobs available in the market is the nurse who can work in a corporate setting. If you are a registered nurse who wants to stay in an establishment where you can rotate shifts, you should consider applying for this kind of position. In general, corporate settings require nurses to work eight hours each day. However, some establishments do allow you to work additional hours if possible. In terms of salary, you will earn more when you work flexible nursing jobs in corporate settings.