A Life Celebration Is An Ideal Occasion To Celebrate Life And The Wonderful People Who Have Lived

It also serves as a welcome break for relatives and friends as well as for a memorial service. Some life celebration ideas incorporate flying to outer space, or going to different planets if space is not an issue, or traveling back in time to visit some relatives who had immigrated long ago. For the deceased, his life celebration ideas can be about traveling back in time to meet his great-grandparents or to visit his many friends and relatives. Even if he is traveling across the Universe, his life celebration ideas can be inspired by trips to several destinations such as the Galapagos Islands, which is a popular choice.

If space is not a big deal for the deceased then it would be ideal to choose one of the many life celebration ideas that incorporate traveling into the mix. For example, if his loved one was a pilot, he could fly to other parts of the universe and spend time at different planets. Perhaps his greatest dream was to become a spaceman. If he had died while in flight, then a memorial service


his life achievements in the aviation industry would be very touching.

For those who believe in traveling to distant planets, there are unique funeral ideas many life celebration ideas involving traveling to other star systems. A service could be held where the ashes of the deceased are placed into a telescope, where they will search the skies for signs of life. The service would also highlight his many travels to other worlds. If that wasn’t enough, some families even commemorate his death with a trip to the nearest star system, visiting the stars and studying the makeup of its atmosphere.

Some families also hold memorial cremation services where the body is cremated following the funeral service. This is also quite common, and is another excellent option for those looking for life celebration ideas. There are many advantages to cremation over embalming or burial. It can be done at any time and the remains are kept for future events, as well as viewing by family members. The ashes can then be scattered or kept in a container for viewing by those who attend the service.

Even though a memorial cremation service can be held after the death of a loved one, many opt to do it before. The reason is that the ashes can be viewed immediately by those who gather to remember the deceased. This is also a wonderful way to say goodbye to a friend or loved one. Some people opt not to have a memorial cremation memorial service, as it can be quite stressful to have someone do it for them. They may feel too overwhelmed by the situation to handle watching the ashes being placed into a small box.

In recent years, with Star Trek fans, there have been several methods for dealing with cremations following memorial services. A unique way to commemorate the loss of a loved one is for those attending to submit their ashes to a science fiction museum for safekeeping. Since the ashes are kept separate from the remains, the departed is given the chance to create a special memory with their ashes before they leave the earth. Many Star Trek enthusiasts, especially those who were very close to the cast, continue to receive small amounts of their ashes each year as a keepsake of sorts. This is an exceptional way to not only honor a beloved Star Trek character, but to also create a special memento of your loved one.

If you choose to hold a life celebration without a memorial service, you can choose a different way to pay tribute to your deceased. One idea is to create a plot of land where you can bury the deceased and scatter their ashes. This can be accomplished using materials similar to a casket, and even the remains of the deceased can be incorporated into the plot using personal items that were donated to the funeral home. Alternately, you may also opt to create a Star Trek theme using the ashes as the main embellishment on a memorial service table or in a grave marker. Funeral professionals are happy to help you determine which type of memorial service is best for your particular funeral situation.

Finally, if you do hold a life celebration without a burial and plan to scattering the cremated remains, you will find that there are many diverse methods to accomplish this. Many people prefer to scatter the cremated remains at sea or in a lake. Others choose to scatter the ashes in the open air at a viewing point where hundreds of miles of sight lines can be viewed. Some opt to bury the remains for a short time following the death, and then scattering them at a later date. It is really up to you as each method carries its own unique set of guidelines